Sound Categories


Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010101

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010102

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010201

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010202

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010203

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010204

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010205

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010206

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010207

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010301

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010302

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010303

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010304

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010305

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010401

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010402

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010403

Cat Domestic Meow Sad AT010404

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010501

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010502

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010503

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010504

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010601

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010602

Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010603

Kitten Domestic Meow AT011201

Kitten Domestic Meow AT011301

Kitten Domestic Purr AT011401


Bobcat Snarl Vicious AT011501

Bobcat Snarl Menacin AT011502

Bobcat Snarl Menacin AT011503

Bobcat Snarl Menacin AT011601

Bobcat Snarl Low Grun AT011701

Bobcat Snarl Low Grun AT011702

Bobcat Snarl Low Grun AT011703

Bobcat Growls Low Lip AT011801


Leopard Roar Low Feo AT012001

Leopard Roar Freocio AT012002

Leopard Roar Freocio AT012101

Leopard Roar Freocio AT012102

Loepard Roar Freocio AT012103

Leopard Snarl Fast CU AT012201

Leopard Snarl Inhale AT012202

Leopard Snarl Inhale AT012203

Leopard Snarl Inhale AT012204

Leopard Snarl Wheeze AT012301

Leopar Snarl Attack AT012302

Leopard Snarl Low Gro AT012303

Leopard Snarl Raspy AT012401

Leopard Snarl Raspy AT012402

Leopard Snarl Raspy AT012501

Leopard Snarl Raspy AT012502

Leopard Snarl Raspy AT012503

Leopard Growl Groan AT012601

Leopard Breath Snort AT013201


Lion Roar Snarl Growl AT013501

Lion Roar Snarl Growl AT013601

Lion Roar Heavy Snarl AT013701

Lion Roar Heavy Snarl AT013801

Lion Roar Heavy Snarl AT013802

Lion Roar Single Call AT013901

Lion Roar Single Call AT013902

Lion Roar Single Call AT013903

Lion Roar Single Call AT013904

Lion Roar Massive Mul AT014001

Lion Growl Massive Gr AT014201

Lion Growl Massive Gr AT014202

Lion Growl Massive Gr AT014203

Lion Growl Medium AT014401

Lion Growl Medium AT014402

Lion Growl Medium AT014403



Puma Cougar

Puma Cougar Roar Clas AT016701

Puma Cougar Roar Clas AT016702

Puma Cougar Roar Clas AT016801

Puma Cougar Growls Gr AT017501

Leopard Snow


Tiger Roar Very Menac AT018602

Tiger Growls Single AT018603

Tiger Growl Deep Mena AT018701

Tiger Growl Snarl AT018801

Tiger Growl Snarl AT018802

Tiger Growl Long Thro AT018901

Tiger Growl Muted Yaw AT019001

Tiger Growl Muted Yaw AT019002

Tiger Growls Throaty AT019003

Tiger Snarls Hollow AT019101

Tiger Snarls Hollow AT019102

Tiger Growl Growls AT019201

Tiger Growl Snore AT019202

Tiger Growl Snore AT019203

Tiger Hi Growl Young AT019301

Tiger Hi Growl Young AT019302

Tiger Hiss Deep Hollo AT019501


Dog Border Collies

Dog Border Collie Bar AT020101

Dog Bull Terrier

Dog Bull Dog

Dog Doberman

Dog German Shepherd

Dog Golden Lab

Dog Golden Lab Bark AT021501

Dog Golden Lab Growls AT021601

Dog Golden Lab Breath AT021701

Dog Maltese

Dog Rotweiller

Dog St. Bernard

Dog Mix


Coyote Howl Single AT026301

Coyote Howl Single Me AT026401

Coyote Howl Single Me AT026501

Coyote Howl Single Me AT026601

Coyote Howl Single Me AT026701

Coyote Howl Single AT026801

Coyote Howl Single Me AT026901

Coyote Howl Single Me AT027001

Coyote Howl Single Me AT027101

Coyote Howl Single AT027201

Coyote Howls Barks Gr AT027401



Bear Grizzly

Bear Grizzly Roar Sin AT030301

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030401

Bear Grizzly Roar Sin AT030501

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030601

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030701

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030801

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030901

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030902

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030903

Bear Grizzly Roars Mu AT030904

Bear Grizzly Growl Si AT031001

Bear Grizzly Growl Si AT031101

Bear Grizzly Growl Si AT031201

Bear Grizzly Growl Si AT031301

Bear Grizzly Growl Si AT031401

Bear Grizzly GrowlsB AT031501

Bear Grizzly GrowlsB AT031601

Bear Grizzly Breaths AT031701

Bear Polar

Bear Polar Roars Mult AT031801

Bear Polar Grunt Brea AT031901

Bear Polar Snarls Mul AT032001

Bear Polar Growl Sing AT032101

Bear Polar Growl Inha AT032201

Bear Polar Growls Roa AT032301

Bear Polar Growls Roa AT032401

Bear Polar Growls Roa AT032501

Bear Unknown

Hyena Spotted

Hyena Unknown


Raccoon Chitters Squ AT034401



Sea Lion

Sea Cape

Sea Elephant

Sea Harbor



Whale Humpback Calls AT039101

Whale Humpback Calls AT039201




Buffalo Snort Single AT040901

Buffalo Grunts Snort AT041001


Camel Groan Single Sh AT041201

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041202

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041203

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041204

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041205

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041206

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041301

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041302

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041303

Camel Groan Single Sh AT041304

Camel Groan Breath Si AT041305

Camel Groan Single Th AT041306

Camel Groan Growl Sin AT041401

Camel Groan Growl Sin AT041402


Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041501

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT041502

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT041503

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT041504

Cattle Cow Bellow Bre AT041505

Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041601

Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041701

Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041702

Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041703

Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041704

Cattle Cow Moo Bellow AT041705

Cattle Cow Bellow Gro AT041801

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT041901

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT042001

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT042101

Cattle Cow Bellow Yel AT042201

Cattle Cow Bellow Yel AT042202

Cattle Cow Bellow Yel AT042203

Cattle Cow Bellow Sin AT042301

Cattle Cow Bellow Mul AT042302

Cattle Cow Bellow Gro AT042401

Cattle Cow Bellow Gro AT042501

Cattle Cow Bellow Gro AT042601

Cattle Cow Bellow Gro AT042701



Donkey Snort SingleB AT043001

Donkey Snort SingleB AT043002

Donkey Inhale Bray Wh AT043101

Donkey Inhale Bray Wh AT043102

Donkey Mule Snort Sin AT043201

Donkey Snort Multipl AT043301


Elephant Single Shor AT043401

Elephant Single Shor AT043402

Elephant Single Shor AT043403

Elephant Single Trum AT043404

Elephant Baby Trumpe AT043501

Elephant Baby Trumpe AT043502

Elephant Baby Trumpe AT043503

Elephant Multiple Tr AT043601

Elephant Single Shor AT043603

Elephant Breathy Tru AT043602

Elephant Single Shor AT043604

Elephant Single Clas AT043701

Elephant Single Clas AT043801

Elephant Single Clas AT043901

Elephant Growl Singl AT044001

Elephant Growl Singl AT044002

Elephant Growl Singl AT044003

Elephant Growl Singl AT044004

Elephant Growl Singl AT044005

Elephant Growl Singl AT044006

Elephant Trumpet Gro AT044101

Elephant Trumpet Gro AT044102

Elephant Trumpet Gro AT044201

Elephant Trumpet Gro AT044202

Elephant Trumpet Gro AT044301

Elephant Growl Snarl AT044401

Elephant Growl Singl AT044501


Goat Single Short Ble AT044601

Goat Single Short Ble AT044602

Goat Single Short Ble AT044603

Goat Single Short Ble AT044604

Goat Single Short Ble AT044605

Goat Single Short Ble AT044606

Goat Single Short Ble AT044607

Guinea Pig



Horse Whinny Grunt Si AT045401



Moose Grunt Single Cl AT045801



Panda Bleat Single Cl AT046001

Panda Bleat Single Cl AT046101

Panda Bleat Single Cl AT046201

Panda Bleat Single Cl AT046301

Panda Bleats Multipl AT046401

Panda Bleats Multipl AT046501

Panda Bleat Single Cl AT046601

Panda Bleats Breaths AT046701

Panda Bleats Breaths AT046801

Panda Bleats Breaths AT046901

Panda Moans Growls Bl AT047001

Panda Barks Growls Tw AT047101

Panda Bark Single Clo AT047201

Panda Grunt Single Cl AT047301

Panda Eating Breaths AT047401


Pig Squeal Single Hig AT047501

Pig Squeal MultipleH AT047601

Pig Squeal MultipleH AT047701

Pig Squeal Piglet Mul AT047801

Pig Grunts Two Pigs Mu AT048101

Pig Grunts Eating Mul AT04820

Pig Squeals Eating Mu AT048301


Rhinoceros Snorts Ea AT048401


Sheep Bleat Single Cl AT048501

Sheep Bleats Group Bl AT048601

Sheep Bleats Group Bl AT048701




Zebra Brays Multiple AT049701

Zebra Brays Multiple AT049801

Zebra Brays Multiple AT049901


Chimpanzee Screams AT050101

Chimpanzee Screams AT050201

Chimpanzee Screams AT050301

Chimpanzee Screams AT050401

Chimpanzee Chatter AT050601





Monkey Capuchin

Monkey Redbelly

Monkey Ringtail

Monkey Spider

Monkey Titi

Monkey Unknown

Monkeyunknown Chatt AT057901

Monkey Vervet



Bat Mountain Squeals AT059601

Bat Mountain Squeals AT059701

Bat Straw Colored Squ AT059801

Bat Straw Colored Squ AT059901




Alligator Sigh AHeav AT063701

Alligator Sigh ALong AT063702

Alligator Breath ALo AT063703

Alligator Growl Brea AT063704

Alligator Snort Brea AT063801

Alligator Chuff Brea AT063802

Alligator Chuff Brea AT063803

Alligator Snort Brea AT063901

Alligator Snort Brea AT063902

Alligator Snort Brea AT063903

Alligator Snort Brea AT064001

Alligator Snort Brea AT064002

Alligator Snort Brea AT064003

Alligator Snorts Chu AT064101

Alligator Snorts Chu AT064102

Alligator Breath Sho AT064201

Alligator Growl Snap AT064301

Alligator Eating Bre AT064401








Viper Rhinoceros


Tortoise Breath Shor AT069901

Tortoise Breath Shor AT069902


Wren Bewicks ChirpsS AT070101

Chickadee Blackcapp AT070201

Grosbeak Blackheade AT070301

Cowbird Brownheaded AT070401

Canary Chirps Squawk AT070501

Finch Cassins Chirps AT070601

Sparrow Chipping Chi AT070701

Nutcracker Clarks Sq AT07080

Junco Darkeyed Tweet AT070901

Flycatcher Dusky Twe AT071001

Sparrow Fox Chirps Mu AT071101

Kinglet Goldencrown AT071201

Woodpecker Hairy Kno AT071301

Woodpecker Hairy Squ AT071401

Flycatcher Hammonds AT071501

Thrush Hermit Chirps AT071601

Finch House Chirps Mu AT071701

Sparrow House Chirps AT071801

Wren House Chirps Mus AT071901

Lazulibunting Tweet AT072001

Warbler Macgillivra AT072101

Chickadee MountainC AT072201

Quail Mountain Chirp AT072301

Flicker Northern Chi AT072401

Dove Rock Coo ASeries AT072501

Siskin Pine Chirps Ch AT072601

Sapsucker RednapedC AT072701

Sapsucker RednapedK AT072801

Kinglet Rubycrowned AT072901

Towhee RufoussidedC AT073001

Jay Stellars Squawks AT073101

Warbler Virginias Ch AT073201

Vireo Warbling Calls AT073301

Vireo Solitary Chirp AT073401

Tanager Western Chir AT073501

Pewee WesternWood Ch AT073601

Warbler Wilsons Call AT073701


Macaw Caws Deep Throa AT073801

Macaw Caws Several Lo AT073901

Macaw Vocalizations AT074001

Macaw Vocalizations AT074101

Macaw Chuckles ManyS AT074201

Macaw Caws Several Bi AT074301

Macaw Calls SeveralR AT074401

Macaw Vocalizations AT074501

Macaw Calls SeveralM AT074601

Macaw Calls Many Shor AT074701

Macaw Clicks Several AT074801

Macaw Vocalizations AT074901

Macaw Vocalizations AT075001

Macaw Vocalizations AT075101

Macaw Vocalizations AT075201

Macaw Vocalizations AT075301

Macaw Vocalizations AT075401

Macaw Vocalizations AT075501

Macaw Vocalizations AT075601


Peacock Call ASingle AT075801


Penguin Chirps Sever AT075901

Penguin Chirps Beach AT076001

Penguin Chirps ASing AT076101

Penguin Chirps Sever AT076201

Penguin Chirps Pengu AT076301

Penguin Chirps Pengu AT076401


Vireo Bells Chirps Rh AT080201


Raven Common Caws Rav AT080701


Blackbird Yellowhea AT082501


Eagle Bald Chirps Cal AT082601


Falcon Prarie CallsL AT082701


Hawk Redtailed Scree AT082801


Owl Great Horned Hoot AT083001

Owl Great Horned Hoot AT083101

Owl Great Horned Hoot AT083201

Owl Great Horned Hoot AT083301


Vulture Squawk Shril AT083401

Vulture Squawk Shril AT083501

Vulture Squawk Shril AT083601

Vulture Squawk Shril AT083701

Vulture Squawk Shril AT083801

Vulture Squawk Shril AT083901

Vulture Squawk Multi AT084001


Chickens Clucks Farm AT084301

Chickens Cluck Typic AT084501

Chickens Clucks Chic AT084601

Chickens Clucks Many AT084701

Chickens Chirps Chic AT084801


Mallard Quacks DuckQ AT085101

Ducks Quacks Duck Qua AT085201

Ducks Quacks ADuck Qu AT085301

Ducks Chirps ABaby AT085401


Goose Canada Honks Go AT085501

Goose Honk Typical AT085601

Goose Honks Bizarre AT085701

Goose Honks Geese Hon AT085801

Goose Honks Strange AT085901

Goose Honks Multiple AT086001

Goose Honks Coughlik AT086101

Goose Honks Head Shak AT086201


Turkey Gobble Typica AT086801

Turkey Gobble Typica AT086901

Turkey Gobble Bizarr AT087001

Turkey Gobble Turkey AT087101

Turkey Peeps AT087201

Mountain Ambience

Jungle Ambience

Jungle Ambience Clos AT101401

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