• Jacobjohn55

    Nelvana SFX Libraries

    January 20, 2019 by Jacobjohn55
    • The Edge Edition Volume 1
    • Foley Sound Library
    • Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library
    • The International Sound Effects Library
    • Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library
    • The Premiere Edition Volume 1 (Not sure about Volume 2)
    • Series 1000 Sound Effects Library
    • Series 2000 Sound Effects Library
    • Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library
    • The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library
    • Series 8000 Science Fiction Sound Effects Library
    • Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library

    Maybe Animal Trax, Cartoon Trax, or The Super Single Volume 1 + 2?

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  • Hotheart123

    This is a story about the 2018 summer vacation, where I was assaulted by the goddamn Hollywoodedge schoolbell several times.

    Strike 1: The Babysitter's

    Me: (playing on iPad at my babysitter's)

    (HE School Bell plays from Babysitter's TV)

    Me: ?! (Moves on nonetheless.)

    (But the school bell played again from said TV.)

    Me: Ow! That bell kind of smarts! Hopefully I don't hear it again.

    Strike 2: My Dad's House

    Me: Alright, my shower is done. Time to get dressed.

    (Enters dressing room, but her father blasts Amityvile: The Awakening from his big-ass TV)

    Me: Hey!!! Turn that sh*t off!!!! I'm trying to get dressed!!!

    (HE School Bell Plays)

    Me: GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT DAMN SCHOOL BELL GOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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  • LunchTime123

    Hiya! I was wondering if you sound geniuses could help me. I like making YouTube videos myself, and there's one sound effect I'm after, but I don't know the name of. Among several other things, it can be heard at 4:52 on this Sooty episode:

    It's a sort of power down sound, but I don't know the name of it, or what sound library it's in. Any ideas?

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  • Guava4ever


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  • WikiExpertXV

    For those that didn't see one of the previous thread messages I sent, I showed my fan-made Sentai For Kids airings shots of existing shows with the logo on the bottom right.

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  • RubbadubbersYes JohnnyTestNo POE AUTTP

    He sucks balls because he will like add FALSE INFORMATION!!!

    One of his worst deeds is going to a random sound page (whether it is about a sound on the HB, WB, Animal Trax, Series 6000, Series 4000 library) and list Rubbadubbers in there, and add (heard once in whatever episode).


    He likes waking up to Sound Ideas, BIRD, ROOSTER - MORNING CALL, ANIMAL 01, drink milk from cows that made Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 01 and Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 02, ride unicorns that make Sound Ideas, HORSE - EXTERIOR: WHINNY, ANIMAL 06 and pause scenes with Sound Ideas, STEREO, TURNTABLE - NEEDLE SCRATCHING RECORD, RECORD PLAYER 02!

    Thank g…

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Need Help On Soarin'

    January 9, 2019 by WikiExpertXV

    Can anyone help me with Soarin' Around the World? I noticed the Kilimanjaro National Park has elephants, and West and East Mitten Buttes sequences has a hawk passing by. I want to know if they use Hollywoodedge, Elephant Trumpeting PE024801, Hollywoodedge, Elephant Single Clas AT043801, and Hollywoodedge, Bird Hawk Single Scre PE020801 in the ride. And I will be going to Disneyland in the fall, and I don't want my vacation ruined by SFX I hate to hear in the rides.

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  • D-Mon1994

    Automatic Logouts

    January 7, 2019 by D-Mon1994

    This could just be me, but has anyone else been being frequently logged out automatically? It happens to me every 10 - 20 seconds sometimes, and it's getting really annoying.

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  • RubbadubbersYes JohnnyTestNo POE AUTTP

    This page is about five of MY WORST SOUND EFFECTS EVER!!!

    All tend to be from The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library, made by Canadian company, Sound Ideas Canada Ltd.. I will tell you guys why I hate them and why, and the sound effects are as follows:

    If you disagree on any of these SFX I hate, please respect my opinion.

    5. Sound Ideas, HORSE - EXTERIOR: WHINNY, ANIMAL 06 - OMG!!! This is so harsh for what would otherwise have been an innocent horse whinny!!! It's invaded movies such as Elf, Narnia, and especially history movies like Braveheart, Julius Caesar (2002), and probably even The Crucible!!!!!! Sounds so strong and irritating!

    • Sounds like: MUAWAHWAHruh
    • Nicole's opinion: It does not bother me, but I can see why it bothers you.
    • J…

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  • 000x000x000

    I was Wondering where I could get the Sound Effects from Nana825763's Videos, Like None and Embryo, Specifcally the One Sound that's Also Used in Blues Clues, the Mailbox Open and Close Sound in "What Was Blue's Dream About?".

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Although I have the Adblock Plus on Google Chrome, for some odd reason, ads are still popping up on Watch Cartoons Online. REALLY?! COME ON! IT WORKS ON OTHER SITES, SO WHY NOT THIS ONE ANYMORE?!

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  • Landon Foster

    Recently, I read an article about FANDOM on the now-closed Rotten Websites Wiki. Fortunately, said wiki is now on Miraheze. This is what I read:

    1. Before being rebranded as FANDOM, the site was far more focused on fan made communities, with its homepage being far easier to navigate. By logging into the FANDOM homepage, however, you will be assaulted with an array of random posts covering various pop-culture news. Even if you use the search function in the "Discover Wikis" section you'll still be greeted with various blogs and the search results for wikis are crammed away pathetically in the corner, almost as if the site had forgotten what it's supposed to be about.
    2. Speaking of blogs, the majority of them are literally Buzzfeed level clickbait …

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  • Looneytunerian

    I apologize

    December 17, 2018 by Looneytunerian

    To everyone on this wiki:

    I am very sorry for adding fake title cards on this wiki. 

    I did not know that this was not allowed up until now.

    For now on, I will watch what I post and confer it with the other admins. 

    In addition to that, I will also make sure that when I put in the gallery seciton, I will make sure to label it as "Image Gallery".

    So that it won't be as confusing. both of these

    I will keep an eye on any other rules that are important to this wiki.

    Thank you. Please forgive me. 

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  • WikiExpertXV

    I saw Animat's recent video Top 10 Biggest Animated Box Office Bombs yesterday, but since I didn't want to fall for out of place H-B explosion sounds in a video with no clips from H-B or MGM movies, I need help on knowing what these explosion sounds they are in the video.

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  • Sthebee

    Hollywoodedge, Dolphin Chirps Vocal PE024601: Why did that worthless dolphin sound came to existence?! I wish that sound was never made! And if that's not enough, guess what? That piece of sh*t was recorded from a sped of kookabura laugh, not an actual dolphin, which is FAKE AND UNNATURAL!!! No actual dolphin in real life sound like that!!! USE A DIFFERENT, ACTUAL DOLPHIN SOUND! YOU F*CKING SOUND EDITING TWATS!!!

    Hollywoodedge, Girl Screams Long Hi CRT028201: This sound is WAAAAAAAAAY too high pitched!!! It is so loud and piercing that it would likely make me go deaf, and anyone else too!!! SCREW THIS DEMONIC SOUND!!!!

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  • RubbadubbersYes JohnnyTestNo POE AUTTP

    I love elephants! They are up there with guinea pigs, Tasmanian devils, pandas, and big cats as my favorite animals!

    Here are ten of my favorite elephant sound effects in no order. If I, anytime soon, ever make a work with an elephant in it, I will most likely use one of these sound effects.

    If you disagree with any of these sound effects, it is fine by me.

    • 1. Sound Ideas, ELEPHANT - ELEPHANT TRUMPETING, THREE TIMES, ANIMAL (Sound Ideas Canada; Hanna-Barbera) - This sound effect used to irritate me, among the commercials that irritated me was the 2009 McDonald's Ice Age: Dawn of the DInosaurs promo. In 2013 or 2014, I watched the same commercial to help me get used to it. I never, ever went back to hating it ever again, and I honestly find it…

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  • RubbadubbersYes JohnnyTestNo POE AUTTP

    Alex Roman's Top 5 Favorite SFX Libraries.

    These are five libraries that I like best because of that I find amazing about these libraries. This is not in a particular order!

    Notice: For those of you reading who disagree with one or more libraries, that is totally ok by me.

    -Regards, Alex Roman.

    • 1. The Premiere Edition Volume 1 - (Hollywoodedge) I like this library because some, if not many of the animal sounds are tamer than some of these in the Series 6000 library. My favorite kid's show is Rubbadubbers, and the fart used in Terence the Shopkeeper is a PEV1 sound effect. I also like the chimp screams, because it reminds me of Disney's Animal Kingdom and Donkey Kong. 

    • 2.  Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library - (Sound Ideas Canada) I like that l…

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  • HiHiPuffyAmiYumiFanAlternate
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  • Gmo1

    Door sound effects

    December 8, 2018 by Gmo1

    Hi. Which are the door opening and closing sounds at 1:52?Gmo1 (talk) 18:08, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

    Here's another video with the door sounds at 1:43.Gmo1 (talk) 23:18, December 8, 2018 (UTC)

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  • KennySzeto617

    Okay. I know Kindergarten Cop is the first piece of media to use Sound Ideas, HUMAN, LAUGH - GIGGLING: CHILD but I don't know if it is heard or not. Give me some clues about it and I'll let you know.

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  • Dima boghushinsky

    I need to know what skid sound these are in this cartoon.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    I need to know what ricochet sounds these are in this cartoon.

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  • 474studios

    Save Disney Channel

    November 20, 2018 by 474studios

    The Disney Channel as we know became a generic, flamboyant, influenced-by-trendy, but most of all, the dissatisfied channel on Earth. Not even close to why Disneyland and Walt Disney World are huge successes.

    That’s why I created this petition (and a friend of mine is starting a subreddit that I am contributing too). We want you to save Disney Channel and bring it back to it’s former glory. To bring a better balance of variety between their live-action and animated programming, but more importantly, promote more and give more air time to it’s original cartoons. Very soon, we hope that the channel could treat upcoming content like new epi…

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  • KennySzeto617

    I want you all to know about the debut of Hollywoodedge, Small Group Kids Laug PE143601 in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    I tried watching the whole movie, but that children laughing sound effect never showed up. It's supposed to debut there but I doubt that you guys need to solve the problem and find it out. Give me some clues about the problem and we'll think about it.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Isn't it odd that in 1965, "Bully for Pink" was the first DePatie-Freleng cartoon to use H-B sounds, and since then started using some of the sounds (most notably Sound Ideas, RUN, CARTOON - WIND WHISTLE SCAT which they used very frequently) in their United Artist cartoons up till their closer in 1980.

    However, the cartoons they made at WB starring Daffy & Speedy, and Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote cartoons from 1965-1966 didn't start using a few H-B sounds until the last 2 Road Runner cartoons: Clippety Clobbered, and Sugar and Spies. And the only Daffy & Speedy cartoon to use the SFX was in the last from 1967 Daffy's Diner. Not counting "A Squeak in the Deep" since Sound Ideas, ZIP, CARTOON - QUICK WHISTLE ZIP OUT, HIGH is Jay Ward's use of…

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  • Inanimateinsanity4ever

    Here Are All The Sound Effects I Love and Hate

    • Sound Ideas, CARTOON, WHISTLE - FLUTTER WHISTLE: LONG SPINNING WHISTLE (OMG YES! I Love That Sound Effect! I Heard It Several Times On the Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes I For-Got Rhythm and Dance Fever, and I Love That Sound With A Burning Passion! This Sound Is My #1 Favorite Sound Of All Time!)
    • Sound Ideas, GULP, CARTOON - BIG GULP, HUMAN (I First Heard It On Bear in the Big Blue House episode That Healing Feeling when I was little, and I fell in love with that sound!)
    • Hollywoodedge, Gusts Heavy Cold Wind PE031601 (I Love that Sound! It sounds like relaxing and soothing music to me! I Heard this on Bear in the Big Blue House, WordWorld and Elmo's World, and it looks very calm and beautifu…

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  • Inanimateinsanity4ever

    Here Are All The Shows I Love and Hate.

    • Bear in the Big Blue House
    • WordWorld
    • Small Potatoes
    • Pajanimals
    • Inanimate Insanity II
    • Battle for Dream Island
    • The Powerpuff Girls
    • Jay Jay the Jet Plane
    • Sesame Street
    • Elmo's World
    • Pokémon
    • Love Live! School Idol Project
    • Excellent Entities
    • Jay Jay's Mysteries

    • CatDog
    • Blue's Clues
    • 3rd and Bird
    • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • The Wonder Pets!
    • It’s A Big Big World
    • Curious George
    • The Fairly OddParents
    • Team Umizoomi

    • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    • Super Why!
    • Littlest Pet Shop (2012)
    • Arthur
    • Between the Lions
    • Caillou (That Bald Little Dummy!)
    • Boku No Pico (It has very inappropriate scenes. Don’t Watch This Show! Watch Bear in the Big Blue House Instead!)
    • Seven Little Monsters
    • The Berenstain Bears (2003 TV Series)
    • The Huggabug Club (I Agree With Sonic…

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  • Hotheart123

    WILHELM SCREAM - My most hated male scream sound effect made by the creators of Distant Drums. The audio quality sounds like it was recorded in the 60's.

    Jacobjohn55: The Wilhelm Scream is a dead meme (That Rhymes!) yet sound editors still use this sound. I agree that this sound is getting old and predictable.

    Alex Roman: It's not that bad. It reminds me of Distant Drums, even though I never watched the whole film.

    Hollywoodedge, Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601 - Around the time I first joined this wikia, the second, fourth, and sixth yowls used to scare me when they come on. This sound should've not existed in the first place or should have used a different pair of cats to record the yowls with. The Animal Trax ones and Sound Ideas ones are W…

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  • KennySzeto617

    Okay. I want to know that Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057502 is created by Jimmy MacDonald back in the 1940s and I don't know which is the first media to use it. Give me some information about it.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Not only KT Sockpuppets keeps coming back on here, but even another user Andy is back just to add false information, and not following the rules!

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  • KennySzeto617

    I've heard a bird sound effect in "Shopping for a Surprise" and I don't know what name of that sound effect are in those shots below.

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  • Pansagetrent9

    Click on this page to know more about Nate:

    And a KiwiFarms forum about him:

    He has a DeviantArt account (which got terminated), so go and check out his shitty art.

    I agree with KiwiFarms and ED. Nate is an asshat crybaby manchild of a shitty cartoonist. He loves to rage at people and putting something like "PUNCHES YOU IN THE FACE" or "STABS YOU" or something like that in parentheses.

    If you would like to say more about Nate, edit this page because that's all I had to say about Nate.

    I hope Nate can go burn in a hole.


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  • Hotheart123

    All About Konnichiku

    October 25, 2018 by Hotheart123

    Konnichiku must be the biggest disgrace of this Wikia. Even worse than Kristopher Taylor, and that's saying something. He returned to the Wikia, only to find it was under my adminship, and my warnings on the Rocko Woman Scream page. Appalled, he took important info off the page. After I blocked him and reverted the page, he made an Encyclopedia Dramatica page about me because he is VERY immature. He probably eats McDonald's everyday, watches Mother! (2017), and mains Yuyuko Saigyouji in Unthinkable Natural Law. 

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Since Kristopher Taylor keeps coming back here with new accounts everytime, he does disobey the rules for the most parts. And I'm getting tired of adding those images and information to the media and sound effects pages myself. So please help me add those information and images once he comes back and breaks the rules again.

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  • MarioSonicU


    I am looking for quite a few sound effects used in the ocean dub of DBZ - SFX used for teleportation - this metal clanking sound effect - this charge effect at 0:51 - this scouter effect

    It would be really appreciated if you could find these.

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  • SmallReputation

    Can anyone find these sound effects that are from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy? 

    0:04 - Popping sounds

    0:31 - Crashing sound

    1:23 - Spinning sound 

    0:12 - Smoke sound

    0:47 - Popping out sounds

    6:31 - Robot turn on sound

    6:46 - Motor sounds

    6:52 - Robot turn off sound

    6:36 - Electronic sounds

    10:58 - Putting on hat sound

    5:07 - Buzzing sounds

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  • Iscreamer1

    Could someone help me identify the sound effects used in this game? It would be good for research you are more experts at this than me. Perhaps the playthroughs On YouTube will be able to help you.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Wikia Survey Pop Up

    October 13, 2018 by WikiExpertXV

    Since last Thursday, there's a Wikia Survey pop up that keeps popping up everytime I enter any page on this site. And it's still going on to this day. IDK why but Wikia needs to fix this issue.

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  • Dima Boghushinski

    Tire Screech sound effect

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  • Dima Boghushinski

    Ricochet Sound used for Terrytoons, Walter Lantz, Famous Studios, Total Television, Hal Seeger and others.

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  • GageTracey02
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  • Jacobjohn55

    Kristopher Taylor happens to be the most hated user on Sound Effects Wiki. What he does for a living is vandalize the wiki by adding false information and fake pages. But whenever he gets blocked, he makes millions of sockpuppets because he is an immature little crybaby.

    Oh, and Kristopher Taylor, If your reading this, and you are triggered, just remember that this blog will never be deleted and forgotten.

    And there's one more thing for you, Taylor..........

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  • LunchTime123

    Help Identifying a Sound?

    September 28, 2018 by LunchTime123

    I'm interested in sound effects myself, because I like to use them in my videos. There's one particular one I'm after at the moment. It's at 1:35 on this video:

    Unfortunately, I don't know what it's called. Perhaps you could help me?

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  • 474studios

    What sound effects library has the SpongeBob blink sound?

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  • DCAsia

    20th September 2018

    September 20, 2018 by DCAsia


    Patrick Joseph Gamble aka Pat Gamz is a former contributor to Sound Effects Wiki who puts false information on The Dreamstone TV series.


    DCAsia (talk) 11:17, September 20, 2018 (UTC)

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  • PinballandFurries

    Sound identifying

    September 13, 2018 by PinballandFurries

    Does anyone happen to know the original name of this whoosh sound effect? It has been used (as of what I know) since the 1990's. It can be heard in 2 Bally pinball machines (Monster Bash and Champion Pub), Sonic X (I believe), Disney's Leo Little's Big Show (Shorts), flash animations, and many more and is still (somewhat) used today. I have been trying for about a year trying to figure out/know the original name of this sound. I'm really surprised that no one knows despite that fact that It's been used quite a lot. I would really appreciate if anyone could (possibly) tell me if they know.

    Thanks In Advance.

    The sound:

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  • PinballandFurries

    What sound effects would you guys recommend to me that are good, lesser-known, non-annoying/irritating or anything that's uncommonly heard but that's on this wiki? Anything but common sounds would be good. Let me know a.s.a.p. Thanks in advance.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    This one I'm familiar with, but I can't remember the name of it. I need help on what it's called. Not only it was used in "Hong Kong Phooey" and "Darkwing Duck," but it was also used in "Gex: Enter the Gecko" when Gex bounces on his tail.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Oh no, one of my friends Aberk81 is blocked across the FANDOM network on Wikia! I need help on unblocking him!

    The reason he got blocked is because he said an offensive word which I refuse to say or else I will get blocked. Hopefully he will come back by maybe next week, since he did told me on Facebook that his blocking will be for a week here.

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  • Henohenomoheji

    Hey. I'm new to this wiki (somewhat). I've been browsing this wiki for awhile and I just never got around to making a Wikia account until now. I just have a few questions for some of you mostly like admins I guess (this has admins right?)

    Why are there like some pages that literally have nothing in them? And why are there lots of pages that aren't for real things? I really don't want to come off as rude but this whole wiki seems kind of cluttered imo. I really think the concept of this wiki is really like actually cool and there's a lot of potential for it.

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