• GageTracey02

    Can you help me what’s the laser sound effect is. It’s from my first amazing history explorer pc.

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  • Candermy2003

    Here's the sound effect libraries used by Rich Harrison's team on Chuck Jones, MWS and Disney Television Animation shows, speicals and movies:

    • Hanna-Barbera
    • Warner Bros. (Only some sounds)
    • Rocky & Bullwinkle
    • Series 1000 
    • Series 2000
    • The Premiere Edition Volume 1
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  • GageTracey02

    It’s from spy fox in dry cereal and reused in cuphead.see if you can find it on hollywodege or sound ideas.if not just name it.





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  • Lala6423

    Crying noises?

    May 13, 2018 by Lala6423

    There is a crying noise heard in the Caillou stopmotion videos and the Caillou remastered videos. I call it "The Rosie Cry" because I remembered one video in which she cried because Caillou and his friends wouldn't let her play ball.

    Links: (Birthday Fun) (Heavy use of it.)  Examples are 0:23, 0:45 and 2:08. (Caillou Goes Shopping and Cries) Around 3:18.

    (WARNING: May irritate you. LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

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  • GageTracey02

    It’s from the mr potato head activity pack pc and reused in Kick Buttowski suburban daredevil

    Here’s the photo

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  • Grammyrocky

    There is a gulp sound in Animaniacs. The episode's name is called Roll Over, Beethoven.

    You can hear it at 6:13 right here:

    There's also these belch sounds at 6:24 and this song goes very fast.

    Here are the pictures:

    Can anyone tell me what those sound effects are?

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  • PinballandFurries

    What is this laser sound? Listen closey when the ball lauches.

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  • GageTracey02

    Listen to three video of this sound effect.

    Listen to three links of these videos:

    [Minecraft hexit 12TimeWeCCG]

    [Dotza color pens]

    [Nick jr face collection]

    I’ll give you two screen shots

    Look it up on the wikia

    If you don’t find it

    Just name it and create it in the wikia

    That’s all the steps we need.

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  • WikiExpertXV

    I couldn't find a Disney SFX on the Cartoon Trax Volume 1 SFX library again since I looked in the horn sections. So I'm acting lazy again on finding it, so can anyone help me by watching that part from the 8th episode Digimon Adventure 01, and find the SFX on Cartoon Trax?

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  • Aberk81

    If Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation aired on FOX, these sound effects will be used. Some of the sound effects will be replaced from the ones from SoundStorm library. There'll be also more seasons as well.

    • Anime Bamboo Sound (High Pitched)
    • Anime Big Pop Sound
    • Anime Boxing Bell Ding Sound
    • Anime Doorbell Sound 1
    • Anime Explosion Sound 1 (Used when the girls charge their attacks.)
    • Anime Glass Break Sound 1
    • Anime High Pitched Miscellaneous Sound
    • Anime Phone Ring Sound 3
    • Anime Sparkle Sound 6
    • Anime Sparkle Sound 12
    • Anime Splat Sound 1
    • Anime Twitch Sound 1
    • Anime Twitch Sound 3
    • Anime Squeak Sound 3
    • Anime Squeak Sound 7
    • Anime Wood Grind Sound
    • Hollywoodedge, Bounce Jews Harp CRT015802 (High Pitched)
    • Hollywoodedge, Bull Whip Crack 2 Sing PE10…
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  • GageTracey02

    Train sound name?

    April 21, 2018 by GageTracey02

    The train sound is from reader rabbit toddler and reused it in Microsoft fine artist demo.guess that name of what the train sound name.



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  • GageTracey02

    It’s from Microsoft fine artist and its reused in veggietales.

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  • Mookie20

    SFX in The Dogfather?

    April 16, 2018 by Mookie20

    I need help identifying SFX in The Dogfather (1974).

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  • WikiExpertXV

    I do need help on what these 3 sound effects are in the shots taken from the episodes of Digimon Adventure 01 (Saban Dub). I'm having a hard time finding them.

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  • Gmo1


    All I know about this sound effect is that it was used in this Microsoft program (at 0:02).

    Found the sound again in the Japanese Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode 19 at 12:16.Gmo1 (talk) 00:11, April 16, 2018 (UTC)

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  • GageTracey02

    I’ll give you two screenshots of ed ed n eddy.



    [YouTube 8:17]

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  • WikiExpertXV

    One user who I blocked for not following rules on an image from "Doodles" in the Sound Ideas, CARTOON, SCREAM - SHORT TERROR SCREAM, HORROR page. But what is it? A TV series, or an internet series? I need help on where to add it in the information since I never heard or saw the series.

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  • GageTracey02

    I can give you a screenshot of ed edd n eddy episode key to my ed.heres the screenshot of ed drag himself on the head with his unibrow. Tell me what is that sound fx is?

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  • Zachary bee

    New Wikia

    April 10, 2018 by Zachary bee

    I made a wikia about shout outs parodies and pop culture references here's the link:

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  • GageTracey02

    ill Give this screenshot of rocko’s Modern life episode frogs best friend

    Tell me what kind of running sound is this?

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  • PinballandFurries

    Tongue Sound?

    March 27, 2018 by PinballandFurries

    Where could i find this Tongue sound effect at the 59 second mark?

    (Listen Closely)

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  • Marcus705

    Hello people. Can someone tell me please what sound effect is this (the high-pitched sword shing)? Form wich library? I heard it in a lot of movies and games so I assume it's from some library (probably from Hollywood edge). Example here (when he swinging the knife):

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  • DisneyFL2000

    Wouldn't be cool if Sound Ideas released a special SFX library collection of all of Jeff Hutchins' originally recorded sounds all from Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob, Camp Lazlo, Flapjack, and Regular Show.

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  • Gmo1

    Growl sounds

    March 9, 2018 by Gmo1

    Hi. Does anybody know where to find the growls at 1:25 and 2:40?Gmo1 (talk) 15:31, March 9, 2018 (UTC)

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Since Aberk81 was having a hard time finding the SFX to replace the H-B sounds in his verse of Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation, I had to help out on the suggestions of these SFX I choose for him to use.

    • Sound Ideas, MAGIC - MAGIC ZAP,/Sound Ideas, SCI FI - BIG ZAP BURST, replaced by Sound Ideas, SPACE, ZAP - LARGE SPUTTERING ZAP, GUN
    • Sound Ideas, SCI FI - SHORT ZAP, FORWARD, 01 replaced by Sound Ideas, SPACE, ZAP - ENERGY ZAP, GUN, CARTOON
    • Sound Ideas, WOLF - LONG HOWL, …
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  • Gmo1

    Roar sound

    February 24, 2018 by Gmo1


    Does somebody know where to find the roar at 7:21?Gmo1 (talk) 21:27, February 24, 2018 (UTC)

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  • 474studios

    Schneider's Bakery used these sound effects

    Series 2000

    Series 4000

    Series 6000 + (Extension I + II) Series 8000 Sci Fi

    Series 9000 

    Don't know about Series 1000

    Hollywood Edge's Premiere Edition 1 + 2, Edge Edition 1 + 2, Citi Trax, Cartoon Trax, Background Trax, (Maybe The Super Single Vol 1 + 2?), Animal Trax, Animation Collection

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  • 474studios

    Does anyone watch 1960s Star Trek and onward?

    I'm wondering was the original Hollywood Edge/Soundelux cat sound effects were originally recorded for Star Trek.

    Just curious because I'm guessing the audio recorded for those cat sounds almost came directly from the late 60s and 70s.

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  • PinballandFurries

    Cartoon SFX

    February 8, 2018 by PinballandFurries

    Does anyone know where i could find this sound effect???

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  • Wile e2005

    Hey, a friend and I are trying to figure out which sound effects library THIS cartoon drumroll and cymbal sound effect comes from:

    YouTube link

    UPDATE: It's actually from the E-MU Proteus/2 synthesizer system.

    My friend told me it was heard in the following productions:

    Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

    Are You Afraid of the Dark? - (episodes composed by Jeff Fisher)
    Barney & Friends - (Eariler seasons, 1992-1998)
    Barney and the Backyard Gang - (Barney in Concert, 1991)
    Camp Lazlo (Samson's Mail Fraud)
    Christopher Crocodile - (three episodes)
    Donkey Kong Country - (From Zero to Hero)
    Dora the Explorer - (few episodes)
    Eek! The Cat
    Gerald McBoing Boing (2005 series) - (some episodes)
    Jungle Tales (Saban's Adaptation of Urikupen Kyūjotai)
    La Ru…

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  • Zachary bee

    I Need Help

    January 20, 2018 by Zachary bee

    I Need Help With This can you add more pages in it

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  • Looneytunerian

    Is anybody on this wiki good at ripping sound effects from video games? 

    I'd like to request some sound effects from certain video games. 

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  • Texaveryjr

    This sound effect can be found here.

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  • BancyToonGeek1994

    Hello! I'm BancyToonGeek1994! I'm probably new to this wiki!

    I have some requests for those users on the Sound Effects wiki...:

    Can you add these to the wiki since they're not mentioned yet?:

    1. Super Friends (1970's-80's Animated TV Series, plus Image Gallery including all the sound effects including accent sounds?)
    2. Superman: The Animated Series (plus Image Gallery including all the sound effects including the accent sounds?)
    3. Tweedledum Honk (plus Image Gallery. Also heard in high-pitched to low-pitched version in "House of Mouse", "The Emperor's New School", "The Replacements", "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", etc.?)
    4. Tweedledee Honk (plus Image Gallery)
    5. (1st unknown) Honk sound effect (can't remember the name and SFX library) that was heard in "…
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  • PinballandFurries

    Here's One Of The Sounds Used In Sonic X. Make Sure To Make A Page For It Admins!

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  • Gmo1

    Burp sound

    November 28, 2017 by Gmo1

    Hi. I'm sure I've heard this kind of burp somewhere else but I can't remember where.

    Does somebody know of a similar sound effect?Gmo1 (talk) 14:27, November 28, 2017 (UTC)

    SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Your Shoe's Untied" also uses this burp sfx for Squidward's first burp.

    This is the episode clip with the sfx.Gmo1 (talk) 22:50, June 22, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Looneytunerian

    Eh... what's up docs?

    November 27, 2017 by Looneytunerian

    Hi, guys. :)

    I love this wiki you've got. 

    If it's all the same to you, would it bealright if I can create a bunch of LT&MM articles? :)

    I can let you guys list out the sound effects that have appeared in them. :)

    With your help, this wiki will be the most resourceful wiki anyone has ever seen. 

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  • 7 Grand Daddy

    Out of curiosity, during the honorable mentions segment of America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) when they use the sound effects, I'm wondering what are some of the new sound/libraries they use during the Alfonso Ribeiro era which is from Season 26 up to now. (Yes I do know that some of the sound effect libraries they use are The Premiere Edition Volume 1, Hanna Barbera, Warner Bros, Series 4000 Hollywood, The General 6000 Series, Cartoon Trax) I'm not sure if they do use new sound effect libraries and volumes of other sound effect libraries, or those sound effects were maybe from the sound effect libraries that I mentioned so I'm not really sure, but if you do know that would be great. 

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Here are my top 5 most annoying Hanna-Barbera and general sound effects that irritates me now a days. Remember that this is my list and not yours, so please no bashing on this saying that this sound is not annoying to you.



    3. Sound Ideas, TAKE, CARTOON - WHISTLE TAKE,

    4. Sound Ideas, PLINK, CARTOON - SOUR PLINK,

    5. Sound Ideas, BITE, CARTOON - BONE BITE, and Sound Ideas, BITE, CARTOON - BIG CHOMP,



    8. Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - HOYT'S BOING,

    9. Sound Ideas, TAKE, CARTOON - TUBE TAKE,

    10. Sound Ideas, SKID, CARTOON - BROKEN SKI…

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  • Gmo1

    Squeaking sound effect

    November 5, 2017 by Gmo1

    Does anybody know where to find the squeaks at 8:20-8:28?Gmo1 (talk) 22:19, November 5, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PinballandFurries

    Help... (Again)

    October 5, 2017 by PinballandFurries

    Hi (Once Again), I'm having trouble finding yet 2 sound effects this time. One again, I'd really appreciate it!


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  • Zealmere757

    Need help.

    October 5, 2017 by Zealmere757

    Does anyone know the name to this wind sound effect? This is taken from Sim Theme Park and I want to find it without the whispering.

    Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy's Big Picture Show also had this sound.

    I will be forever grateful if anyone can tell me where I can find it.

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  • Gmo1

    Hi, does anybody know which is the meow sound from the video?Gmo1 (talk) 21:36, October 1, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PinballandFurries


    September 26, 2017 by PinballandFurries

    Hello, i am having trouble finding this sound effect. It's like a bone/body fall impact or something like that. If you can find it, i'd really appreaciate it! Thanks.

    It's at 0:44/0:45

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  • Gmo1

    Image Galleries

    September 26, 2017 by Gmo1

    How many images are needed to make an Image Gallery?Gmo1 (talk) 00:40, September 26, 2017 (UTC)

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  • CammyZap

    Add hyperlinks for examples

    September 25, 2017 by CammyZap

    would benefit wiki alot. for example: Sound Ideas, ELECTRICITY, SPARK - HIGH VOLTAGE SPARK, ELECTRICAL 02

    Leon The Lion


    Big Booty w/ HD Electricity sfx

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  • BOT322335

    Bird Sound Effect?

    August 7, 2017 by BOT322335

    I keep hearing this EXTREMELY overused bird chirping sound so many times in shows. I've heard it in many times in Noddy, Teletubbies, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, at least once in Thomas & Friends, and in a few adverts;

    Sample begins at 9:07;

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  • WikiExpertXV

    Of course on the Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library, the WB ricochet sounds are in this current order:

    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO, 02
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO, 03
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO, 04
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO, 05
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO, 06
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO, 07
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - RICCO AND WHINE, 04
    • Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - THIN RICCO, 03

    But WB's order of these ricochet sounds was different in this order in the Looney Tunes and DePatie-Freleng cartoons (this includes the 8th and 9th cartoon ricco sounds), they can be heard in this order on the Sound Ideas, GUN, RIFLE - SEVERAL SHOTS, WITH RICOCHET which is available on The International Sound Effects…

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  • WikiExpertXV

    This is my sound effects library I'm planning to make that will feature new and existing sound effects. The reason for this is because I'm getting tired of hearing those overused Hollywood Edge (mainly some of the more annoying sound effects from The Premiere Edition Vol. 1, The Edge Edition Vol. 1, and Animal Trax) and Hanna-Barbera sound effects in today's entertainment media.

    Here's what sound effects libraries I will be using aside from making my own new sound effects:

    • Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library
    • Cartoon Trax: The Hollywood Edge Vol. 1
    • The Sound Effects Library of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
    • Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library

    • Cartoon Trax: The Hollywood Edge Vol. 2 (selected sound effects only.)
    • Cartoon Express Sound Effects …

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  • Ooglyeye

    Hi there, Here's my Sound effects libraries I'll be using.

    1. Hanna Barbera
    2. Warner Bros.
    3. Series 4000
    4. Cartoon Trax
    5. The Premiere Edition
    6. Just Birds and Animals 1
    7. Series 6000
    8. Rocky and Bullwinkle

    1. Cartoon Express
    2. The Super Single
    3. The Edge Edition
    4. Series 1000
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