Hollywood edge

HollywoodEdge Headquarters: Hollywood, California, United States (European Headquarters - Paris, France)

Sound Effects LibraryEdit


Police Wailer SirenC CT061801

Police Whooper Siren CT062001

Whooper Siren In By Ri CT063001

Siren English Police EE066801


Cow Moo SS022201


Horse Breathing Very AZ135501

Horse Whinnies Blows SS025501

Horse Whinnies Blows SS025502

Horse Whinnies Blows SS025503

Horse Whinnies Blows SS025504

Bird SeagullsEdit

Seagulls No Surf BT022101

Cartoon Edit

Party Favor 3 Raspy Pa AC013801

Metal CreaksEdit

Metal Creaks Machine FS015801

Metal Creaks Machine FS015802


Lrg Nasty Belch CRT2054735


Accelerate Quickly CCS055401

Accelerate Quickly CCS056201

Car HornsEdit

Car Horn Honk Close Me CT052201

Trains Edit

Amtrak Train Blow ByD CT071501


Truck Horn Honk Close CT054201

Semitruck Horn HonkD CT054301

Boats & ShipsEdit

Ship Horn 3 D036001

Boat Air Horn BlastsM CT092301

Clocks Edit

Cuckoo Clock EE111201

Cuckoo Clocks Select EE111301

Cuckoo Clocks En Mass EE111401

Crashes and ImpactsEdit

Vehicle Dropped OnA CCS056501

External LinksEdit

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