Home alone 2 lost in new york poster

November 20, 1992


Movie Trailer

Sound Effects Used

Hollywoodedge, Small Group Kids Chee PE142801

Hollywoodedge, Metal Crashes Variou TE022801

Hollywoodedge, School Bell Long Ring PE193201

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110201

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Glass PE110801

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Glass PE110901

Hollywoodedge, Crash Car Flip Imp Rol PE111501

Hollywoodedge, Thunder Dry Rumbles PE050901

Hollywoodedge, Glass Falling Steady FS027201

Hollywoodedge, Screams 1 Woman Singl PE133501

Hollywoodedge, Wood Small Piece Crun PE113201

Hollywoodedge, Wood Crash Large PE113501

Hollywoodedge, Wood Door OCKnob PE180101

Hollywoodedge, Wood Door OCKnob Ratt PE180201

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Audio Samples

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