Red rock west poster

Red Rock West (1993) Release: June 15, 1993


a texas motorist michael williams was promised a job in the oil rig but fails to materialise so he went to red rock wyoming but at night he was framed for murder he escaped from the police and met a business man named lyle to clear his name.

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Movie TrailerEdit

Red Rock West - Trailer01:38

Red Rock West - Trailer

Sound Effects UsedEdit

Sound Ideas, TRAIN, DIESEL - PASSES BY, HORN BLASTS - Horns only no wheels

Sound Ideas, AUTO, SKID - BRAKE SKID, TIRE 01 - Heard in a Low Pitch

Hollywoodedge, 1964 Cadillac Very Sl PE073001

Hollywoodedge, Lincoln Town Car In Sk PE073601

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Audio SamplesEdit

Red rock west train horn
Red rock west car turn

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