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386px September 7, 1996 - February 22, 1997


Road Rovers is an animated action/adventure series starring the most buffed-up and powerful howling hounds ever to walk the planet. The series features fur-rasing adventures of man's best friends (actually, the pets of various Heads of State from around the globe)--courageous canines who doggedly defend and protect all that's good in the galaxy.

TV Show Intro

Road Rovers- Opening HD

Road Rovers- Opening HD

Sound Effects Used

Sound Ideas, TRAIN, DIESEL - PASSES BY, HORN BLASTS (Heard once in "Let's Hit the Road.") - Horn Doppler Only No Wheels

Sound Ideas, TRUCK, DIESEL - COME IN, STOP, IDLE, DRIVE AWAY (Heard once in "Hunter's Heroes.")

Hollywoodedge, Train Long From Dista PE064401 (Heard once in "Reigning Cats and Dogs.") - Wheels Only No Train Horn.

Hollywoodedge, Train Exterior Persp PE064701 (Heard once in "Dawn of the Groomer.")

Hollywoodedge, 1964 Cadillac Very Sl PE073001 (Heard once in "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.")

Hollywoodedge, Gto Mix Revs Peel Out PE074101 (Heard at the end of the show's intro.)

Hollywoodedge, Explosion Large Shar PE097801

Hollywoodedge, Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601

Hollywoodedge, Sheep Baa Medium Pers PE027001

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110201

Hollywoodedge, Crash Train Car Mix PE111601 (Still a few bugs in the system)

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Audio Samples

Rovers impact sound

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