Hello and welcome to the Sound Effects Wiki! This is the place to look up and discover all the sound effects and sound effect libraries used in movies, TV shows, commercials, and video games.

Rules if you intend on contributing information

First off, in response to events that occurred on this Wiki in the past, you are now required to log in before adding anything. Registering for a Wikia account is not hard!

Do not put in fake or irrelevant information on this site please. In particular, you are not to add information to any upcoming films or video games until they are actually released - this website is not a crystal ball, we cannot predict whether or not upcoming media will use certain sound effects.

Please do not add categories to pages that already exist. The obvious exception to this is if you need to add a piece of media whose category is not listed on the page.

Fan fictional media is allowed, but don't add them to the sound effects pages. Make sure to put them in the fake-media categories.

Anything that's not an actual sound effect (lines, quotes, voice actors or actresses, etc.) cannot be added. Only sound effects are allowed on this Wiki. (Stock screams, cries and laughs do count as sound effects.)

Remember to add information, links, and images (in the Image Galleries) to BOTH the sound effects and media pages. Don't forget to add descriptions to the images. (This will prevent admins from having to do them themselves.) Only upload images to the sound effects pages if they don't have media pages and make sure you add them into the Image Gallery correctly.)

Please do not add comments to pages that just say where you heard the corresponding sound effects in. Instead, feel free to add the information to the pages themselves; you could probably do that in half the time it takes to type up a comment. These comments will be deleted on sight.

When adding an ogg audio file to the sound effects page, add it to the correct page.

When you click on an AudioMicro link, you will find that they have now been redirected to their homepage - therefore from December 1st we urge all users to follow on to the new website:

Some basic common-sense rules:

  • No harassing
  • No spamming
  • No swearing
  • No trolling
  • No vandalism

Failure to comply to the above will result in a block and from then on the vandalized articles will be protected.


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