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Welcome to Sound Effects Wiki! This is the place where you can find all the sound effects and sound effect libraries that are used in the TV and Media industry for sound spotters and future post production teams.


Don't put in fake or irrelevant information on this site please, watch it first before adding in information to a page.

Anything that's not in the sound effects category (except stock scream sounds) like lines, quotes, and voice actors or actresses do not count. Only sound effects are allowed on this Wiki.

Remember that if you're adding images to the Image Galleries, please add them to both the sound effects and media pages. And don't forget to add descriptions to the images.


  • No harassing
  • No spamming
  • No swearing
  • No trolling
  • No vandalism

Failure to comply to the above will result in a block and therefore the vandalized articles will then be protected.


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