This sound effect can be found on The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas. It could have been first recorded in 1988. Because Baby Kate’s laugh (which that laughing sound effect relates to this crying sound effect) was heard in Ghostbusters II, which released in 1989, which could have also been recorded in 1988 as well.

Used In

TV Shows




  • AOL - "Quick Thinking" (2004)
  • Buick Regal GS - Feeding Time! (2014)
  • Kids Foot Locker - The Adventures of Kung Shu (1990's) (Heard in a high pitch)
  • Purell (radio) (2003)
  • QuikTrip (2008)
  • Samsung Activewasher - Tackles All Your Laundry Needs (2015)
  • Slim Jim (2013)
  • Target - "Baby Blues" (1999)
  • Visa - "Baby Talk" (2001)


  • BT - Think Fast - heard once in "Baby or Unlimited Calls" (2002)
  • DTI - Child Safety - Hospital (2017)
  • Network Rail - Vicious Cycle "It won't kill you..." (2009, Radio)
  • Pot Noodle (2001)
  • Sainsbury's - Baby & Toddler Sale (2002, Radio)

Video Games


  • Reader Rabbit’s Reading 1

Sony PlayStation:

  • Saints Row: The Third

Nintendo (NES Digital):

  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1999)

Online Games


  • Cartoon Network - Har Har Thursdays - Gwen vs. Owen (2008)
  • Cartoon Network - Superheroes on an Airplane (2000, towards the end)
  • PBS Kids - Little Riley Jacob (2001)



  • Little Critter (Heard twice in "The New Baby" and "I Was So Mad.")

YouTube Videos

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged
  • Mean Big Sister Destroys the Baby's New Toy
  • HowToBasic(Heard once in How To Quickly Deliver a Baby)
  • Bruno Bozzetto per il Goethe-Institut: Va bene?! (Heard in a high pitch.)


  • Cyborg 009 (Heard once in Episode 3, "The Assassin of Flash".)

Image Gallery

See Sound Ideas, HUMAN, BABY - CRYING/Image Gallery

Audio Samples

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