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First Aired: September 17, 1984 Last Aired: November 11, 1987 Seasons: 4 Episode: 98 Franchise: Transformers


The Auto bots and Decepticons, during the great Cybertronian War, crash landed on earth. Millions of years later, geological activity revives the warring factions - the Decepticons want to strip the earth of its vast energy resources, and the Auto bots seek to protect the inhabitants of earth from that fate. And so an endless battle begins... The heroic Auto bots where crash landed on earth along with the evil decepticons for 4 million years until the valcano errupted then activated teletran-1 to revive both forces from the planet cybertron and to battle again while optimus prime tries to protect spike wit wickey and all other life forms from extinction.

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Sound Effects Used

Sound Ideas, TRAIN, DIESEL - PASSES BY, HORN BLASTS Heard in Episodes Such as (The God Gambit), (Kremzeek!), (Triple Takeover).

Sound Ideas, TRUCK, DIESEL - COME IN, STOP, IDLE, DRIVE AWAY (Heard once in "Make Tracks.")

Sound Ideas, Heavy Traffic Jam, Car Horns Blaring Traffic Ambiences

Hollywoodedge, Doppler Horn By LeftT PE079801 (Heard once in "Fight or Flee.")

Hollywoodedge, Explosion Large Shar PE097801 (Heard once in "Divide & Conquer.")

Hollywoodedge, Semi By Fast Long Rumb PE294201 (Heard once in "The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1)

Hollywoodedge, Car Crash SS010101 (Heard once in "The Insection Syndrome.")



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TF Triple take over

File:Ultra magnus alt mode horn.ogg

The key to vector sigma
TF make tracks
The Insection syndrome clip

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